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Carrot Beet Pasta with Curry Tahini Sauce

Lately I have been on a veggie pasta kick.  I love raw veggie pastas because they are a wonderful gluten-free alternative to pasta and are...
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Dinner at Vegan Restaurant ‘Gracias Madre’

I recently had dinner at  Gracias Madre with some friends of mine, and I was so impressed that I wanted to share my experience with...
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Delicious Raw Vegan Apple Pie

I am so excited to share with you this amazingly simple, delicious raw vegan apple pie! It calls for only six ingredients and six simple steps...
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Herbed Sweet Potato Quinoa Recipe

Winter is finally here, and boy is it cold! Even here in Los Angeles we have had our cold spell, leaving me no choice but...
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No Bake Gingerbread Truffles + Week Two Raw Food Challenge

I'm so excited to share these gingerbread truffles with you! I have to say they came out ah-mazing, if I do say so myself. :)...
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No Bake Carrot Cake with Vanilla Cream Frosting

This is one dessert I am so excited to share with you! One, because I just adore carrot cake and have just revised an older...
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Spicy Hummus

This past month as some of you may know my husband decided to take the plunge from his carnivorous ways, to give his best efforts...
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Rainbow Veggie Wraps

One thing I love about the raw food diet is how vibrant and alive the colors of the food are.  You just can't help feeling...
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Cheezy Chipotle Kale Chips

These cheesy chipotle kale chips are my new obsession! They are light, crispy,  and so yummy yet full of green goodness for you. For months...
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No Bake Gluten-Free Energy Bites

These no bake gluten-free energy bites make for the perfect snack that hit the spot when you have a sweet tooth or need that energy...
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As an RN and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, it is my desire to empower you to take charge of your life.

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