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Raw Food Replacements For Cooked Food Cravings

When first transitioning onto the raw food diet is one of the biggest challenge is dealing with cravings.  So, I wanted to create a list...
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30 Day Raw Food Challenge Starting 06/01/15

I'm so excited that it's that time of year again! If you've followed my blog for a while you may remember that for the last...
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Cherry Walnut Stuffed Endive

This cherry walnut stuffed endive recipe is super easy to whip up and can be used as a snack, an appetizer or a side dish...
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Raw Living Expo 2014

This past week, as some of you may know, I attended the Raw Living Expo, here in Los Angeles.  It was a three-day event of...
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No Bake Gingerbread Truffles + Week Two Raw Food Challenge

I'm so excited to share these gingerbread truffles with you! I have to say they came out ah-mazing, if I do say so myself. :)...
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Zesty Mango Salad

This is one of my favorite salads.  For one, I absolutely adore mangoes.  I can easily eat a mono meal of just mangoes especially when...
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Raw Food Challenge: Day 5 With a Raw Food Chef

So it has already been five full days of eating 100 percent raw food.  I really thought I would crave something cooked, but I am...
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Raw Food Challenge: Day 3

Preparation Today is raw food challenge day three.  It is interesting because usually I eat mostly raw during the day so I didn't really expect...
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Raw Food Challenge: Day 1

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Fennel-Orange Salad Recipe

Every day I try to include some kind of salad in my diet.  I eat a ton of fruit throughout the day, but it is...
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