Raw Food Challenge: Day 3


Today is raw food challenge day three.  It is interesting because usually I eat mostly raw during the day so I didn’t really expect to see much difference.  But it’s like that 10-15 percent makes the difference to push you from feeling good to great! I have more mental clarity, and just more energy in general. The idea that every last crumb of food I put in my body is nourishing me just makes me feel so good, and like a domino effect that makes me feel happy and more positive as a result. Eating 100% raw to me is actually easier because I know exactly what I can eat and there’s just no option about it.  Whereas I find when I didn’t have a specific commitment to it I would make an exception here and there and just excuse it, even though I didn’t really care to be eating something cooked.  It’s like I was doing it simply because it was there and I could so why not.  Now I feel much more self-control and I don’t even look at it twice, it’s just no!

The key for today is preparation.  Without preparation the raw food diet will inevitably be more of a struggle, possibly even a burden and it will be much harder to be successful with it.  For example, I had prepared some little raw snack/desserts to bring to work since there is always junk food in our break room.  If I have snacks that I really love then I am not even tempted to look at anything else.  In fact, I just try to avoid the break room altogether because if I am sitting around the table staring at it all it can set me up for failure, even though I am really not even tempted by that type of food anymore (but we all have are weak moments).

Preparation the night before is really helpful too.  I wash any produce that needs to be washed, I get my containers set and have my water bottle all ready any little thing that can save me a few minutes in the morning I do in advance.  The only thing I don’t do is chop the produce because I like it fresh in the morning, but that takes just a few minutes.  Dressings for salads can be made the night before.  Chia puddings are great to bring to work and they are so easy to make and can be prepared the night before.  This is one of my favorite’s coconut carob chia pudding.

I would love to hear you are doing on the raw food challenge or on the raw food diet in general. What do you find helpful in making it a success? Please share below!

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