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Smoothie Recipe: Dairy-Free Strawberry Shake

Every morning I start my day with a smoothie for breakfast and  I aways try to add some leafy greens to it.  It is the...
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Raw Vegan Apple Oatmeal (Oat free)

One of my favorite comfort foods for breakfast is oatmeal. I've been craving hearty filling cereals for breakfast lately instead of the usual smoothies I make....
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Planet Raw + The Culinary Genius Chef Juliano

This weekend I had lunch at Planet Raw with friends for the first time.  I have tried several raw restaurants but have always heard such...
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Raw Vegan Carob Ganache

This carob ganache recipe is perfect for when you are craving something rich and decadent and it literally takes one minute to make.  It is...
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Raw Cream of Celery Soup

Finally here in Los Angeles today we have a taste of fall.  Waking up to that crisp damp air and cloudy skies, the smell of...
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Local Fresh Dates + Palm Springs Trip

This past weekend me and my husband went on a little  weekend trip to Palm Springs.  There is just something about the hot, dry desert...
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Zesty Tropical Mango Lettuce Wraps

Recently I went to a large dinner party, where I knew there would be little if any raw foods for me to eat. I brought...
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Papaya Garden Salad with Tahini Ginger Dressing

Are you finding yourself bored with the regular ol' salad? If so, then this papaya garden salad is for you! This salad had my taste...
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Fruit Loops with Coconut Mylk

This is what I call the REAL Fruit Loop Cereal! I used to love cereal for breakfast, for a snack, or when I didn't feel...
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What I Eat on a Raw Food Diet

One of the first questions my clients often ask me is, "What exactly do you eat every day on the raw food diet?"  I am...
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