raw food challenge

Grocery List for Shopping on a Budget

The count down to June 1st is nearing its end!  Tomorrow we go all out Raw. Today's post is all about shopping on a BUDGET....
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Raw Food Challenge Giveaway to Raise Awareness

We are on week three of our 30 Day Raw Food Challenge! In case you're just joining us I've joined up with my friend HP...
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Guest Post: Raw Food Shopping Basics + Orange Raspberry Dressing Recipe

Day 1 Tally Ho! First of all - I am very excited to be working with Christine and JustGlowingWithHealth.com once again for the 3rd annual...
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Guest Post: Day 11 Raw Food Challenge + Hearty Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Since I am away from home and just lounging around with Gramma today, my menu hasn't been too creative.  I will say that bringing your...
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Guest Post: Day 10 Raw Food Challenge + Strawberry Fig Ice Cream

Today was a lovely lazy day with Gramma. I made us a Blueberry Nectarine "Oatmeal" for breakfast. 1 Nectarine 1/2 cup blueberries  1 tsp cinnamon...
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Guest Post: Day 9 Raw Food Challenge + Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

"Today I took a mini road trip to visit my gramma who has flown here from NJ. She is staying with my aunt and uncle....
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Guest Post: Day 8 Raw Food Challenge + Raspberry Neapolitan Bars Recipe

My routine throughout the week varies little. I pretty much have to tend to my skin a very specific way in the morning to successfully...
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Guest Post: Day 5 Raw Food Challenge + Banana Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

Thankfully, it was much cooler today in Santa Cruz, California. We have a beautiful breeze blowing through the new screen door our wonderful landlord installed...
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Guest Post: Day 4 Raw Food Challenge + Sweet Kale Green Smoothie

I’ve had a great day today. The first session with my “Post Rehabilitation” Personal Trainer went well. We adjusted my routine and I feel really...
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Raw Food Challenge: Day 4

At my job they are used to seeing me walk in with my morning green smoothie.  When they ask me (with coffee cup in hand)...
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