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Raw Vegan Walnut Date Truffles

These Walnut Date Truffles are so sweet and caramelly they'll satisfy the meanest of sweet tooth. I should know cause my mom, who even though...
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Day Trip to Innsbruck Austria + Vegan Eats

This post is a follow up from my Vegan Road Trip From La Spezia to St. Moritz. If you haven't checked it out yet make sure...
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Vegan Road Trip from La Spezia to St. Moritz

These past two months have been a whirlwind of guests and travel, both of which I love! I'm excited to share with you over the...
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Rustic Spinach Sweet Potato Tart (Vegan)

I am so excited to finally be sharing with you this Spinach Sweet Potato Tart recipe. It has been long over due and I apologize....
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Padre Bio Vegan Restaurant in Puglia

If you've read my previous posts then you probably know that we spent a month in Puglia this summer. It was one of the best...
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How to Regrow Onion from Discarded Onion Roots (By Richard Clayton)

Instead of buying new onions for daily use, it’ll be more saving if you can regrow onions from discarded onion roots. You want to flavor...
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Kale Avocado Blueberry Smoothie (By Shell Harris)

Adding dark leafy greens or other vegetables to a smoothie may not sound all that appealing. Once you get over the initial hesitation, you will...
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What I Eat in a Summer Day (Mostly Raw Version)

I get asked a lot about what I eat in a average day on a mostly raw food diet. That's a great question and in...
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Highlights of Puglia + Trip Itinerary + Vegan Eats

In June we road tripped it to Puglia (Italy). It has been a dream of mine for years after having seen an ad on a...
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Eating Raw Vegan Despite a Crazy Month (By HP)

I sit in seat 28C of a Jet Blue aircraft headed for Florida after the conclusion of my 30 day Raw Vegan challenge. My headphones...
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