healing with raw foods

Hp’s Healing & Food Journal Days 8-12

Day 8 - 12 Raw Vegan Challenge By now week 2 is well under way. I just want to take a moment to express my...
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Melon Basil Fig Platter with Orange Cashew Cream

We're on day eleven of our raw food challenge with HP. She's been pumping out so many creative recipes so I've been sharing them one...
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Spiced Apple Walnut Breakfast Bowl

If you're looking for a hearty breakfast, that's satisfying and filled with protein this breakfast bowl is perfect! It's also a nice change up from...
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HP’s Days 5-7 Healing & Food Journal

Day 5 - 7 Raw Vegan Challenge Can you believe a week has gone by already? This means I’ve made it 7 days successfully being...
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Heirloom Tomato Salad with Basil Avocado Dressing

Today is day seven of our 30 day raw food challenge. One week complete! Today I'm sharing HP's heirloom tomato salad with basil avocado dressing...
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HP’s Days 1-4 Healing & Food Summary

Day 4 Raw Vegan Challenge I sit here beside my husband. I’m typing away while he intently watches the Warriors play in the 1st game...
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Meet Heather Petersen-Raising Awareness For Red Skin Syndrome

Today I'm sharing a post introducing my dear friend Heather Petersen who will be guest blogging here throughout the month of June. We are hosting...
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Guest Post: Day 29 + Rhubarb Berry Smoothie

If I can go Raw Vegan for 29 days straight, ANYONE can do it for 1 Day. Who’s with us? One thing I wanted to...
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Guest Post: Day 18 RVC + Creamy Lime Avocado Salad Dressing

Can you believe today is day 18? We are more than half way through! Day 18 of 30 Day Raw Vegan Challenge Brunch was a...
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Guest Post: Day 17 RVC + Raw Vegan Not Tuna Salad

The last couple of days I've been trying to recuperate from all of our weekend activity. I feel really groggy and absent minded from exhaustion....
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