Melon Basil Fig Platter with Orange Cashew Cream

We’re on day eleven of our raw food challenge with HP. She’s been pumping out so many creative recipes so I’ve been sharing them one at a time throughout the week. She’s been taking her recipe inspiration from the Williams Sonoma cookbook and creating raw vegan recipes with them. This is one of them and it looks absolutely mouth-watering! Here is her commentary:

‘This dish is a classic summer pairing in general cuisine. Melon and Figs with Basil Cashew-Cream Sauce is a great option for all times of the day and entertaining. I would recommend it as part of breakfast, a brunch buffet or dessert. Especially dessert on a hot summer evening.

Healing with raw foods
Tip: If you’re a looking for an alcohol pairing (though we’re not encouraging you and most certainly not if you are detoxing) this would be a great pairing with a Prosecco Mimosa at breakfast/brunch OR with a Syrah, Barbaresco and Port during dessert.’
Melon Basil Fig Platter with Orange Cashew Cream Sauce
4 Tablespoons of the Basil Cashew “Cheese” 
1 Tablespoon Raw Agave Syrup
Small bunch of Basil leaves
Juice of 1 Orange
Juice of 1 Lime
Melon (your choice, I used Cantaloupe)
1 Pint of Fresh Figs
On a platter or individual serving plates, arrange slices of Melon and fresh Figs.
Put Basil Cashew Cheese, Agave, Orange Juice, Lime Juice and 3 small Basil leaves in a blender and blend until smooth.
Using a spoon, generously drizzle the Cashew-Cream Sauce over the melon and figs. Garnish with small Basil leaves.

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