HP’s Days 1-4 Healing & Food Summary

Day 4 Raw Vegan Challenge

I sit here beside my husband. I’m typing away while he intently watches the Warriors play in the 1st game of the NBA Finals that he recorded. It’s a nail biter!

So far so good. I’m finding this week to be very simple. I’m not drinking as much water as I should, but I’m trying to be conscious to get enough.

Day 1 was pretty wild because I was super wound up from the anticipation of being starting the Raw Challenge, I had a hard time getting to sleep that night. My body was also fighting skin infections from the previous few days, so I think that was stressing me out.

Day 2 I woke up in a stooper. Apparently I even exchanged text messages with Christine when I first woke up without knowing we had communicated. LOL! (Poor Christine is trying to be patient with me.)

Day 3 I felt much mellower, my skin infections had gone down and my energy level was consistently higher than normal & stable energy level. However I was extremely emotional. I was actually mildly crying as I walked on the treadmill but was really happy at the same time. But I said a lot of self-affirmations and stayed prayerful all day and tried to continue a positive attitude.

Day 4 All the positivity yesterday worked. Not to mention we got SOOOO much Instagram and social media love (thank you to all our supporters & “FRamily” on Wednesday!). It was incredibly touching. I was moved and encouraged. Today I felt consistently energetic overall.

On another note, I have stinky breath. Usually that’s a big sign that the body is getting rid of stuff. (“Good Riddance!”)Also my skin has been shedding a lot the last two days which is positive. It means new fresh layers are coming up and old tissue is coming off. My cuts are minimal and my wounds seem to be healing as well. But my knees have been pretty swollen and my hands, ankles, legs, behind the knees and the creases of my arms are like Eczematic – but both those things have been a consistent bother the last few months. Maybe it will all go away this month!

Meal summary of the last few days:

I had smoothies for breakfast day 1-3. I try to make sure I take my omega oils and superfood supplement in my smoothies. Since I’m in critical tissue repair and my neurotransmitters are working on over drive, I’m trying to support the whole team.

Breakfast today however was a “Nutmeal” (aka Oatmeal substitute) because I wanted something hearty. To make a good Nutmeal you basically want equal parts fresh fruit, dried fruit & raw nuts. Then you add your spices, like cinnamon or vanilla (etc.).

Healing Red Skin Syndrome with Raw Foods

I have NOT been ravenously hungry for a big mid-day meal , since my breakfasts are substantially large and filling, I’ve been grazing throughout the day. It’s easy to keep your caloric intake high when you have munchies around. I’ve been keeping carrots and fruit out on my living room coffee table so that as I meander around the house I can munch.

Healing Red Skin Syndrome with Raw Foods

The ‘Two Moms in the Raw’ Blueberry Granola bars have been amazing treats to keep with me on-the-go. I did have a that Waldorf-ish Salad one afternoon, the left over Tomatoes with Basil dressing on Wednesday and today I had a 16oz glass of the Suja green juice; which was excellent by the way.

Dinners have been Salad, the Tomatoes with Basil dressing and the marinated Green Beans with Lime dish that I absolutely loved.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Basil Avocado Dressing

I made my Basil Cheese, from last year’s blog, to incorporate in my meals and snacks as well.

Healing Red Skin Syndrome with Rw Foods

Christine should be sharing that one with you soon. I’ve been making large portions of my dishes so that I can have some the following day and don’t have to be constantly preparing meals. Also, my husband is not Raw Vegan. He will eat my Raw Vegan dishes with me as side dishes to his meal. Last night he had a meat entrée with my tomato dish as a side. Therefore it’s important my vegetable dishes are large enough to feed the two of us and still have some left over.  Generally I make meals for 4 because that ensures the 2 of us are covered for 2 days without wasting any food.

Believe it or not I have not desired dessert. But I figured I better get cracking and make one so that when I’m like “show me dessert!” there is something waiting for me. Thus the Citrus Cheesecake with Berry Sauce; can’t wait to sink my teeth into that. Ok, I guess I AM in the mood for dessert -gotta go have some right now!

Keep checking in!


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