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Orange Juice With a Twist

I am excited to say that this juice recipe was created by my husband.  Since having drastically changed his diet to help heal his gastritis...
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Guest Post: Stacy Stowers Happy Shake + Healing with Raw Food

Stacy Stowers struggled with chronic pain and fatigue for 17 years, the effects of an illness the New York Times once described as a disease...
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Guest Post: Day 8 Raw Food Challenge + Raspberry Neapolitan Bars Recipe

My routine throughout the week varies little. I pretty much have to tend to my skin a very specific way in the morning to successfully...
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Guest Post: Raw Food Challenge Day 2 + Raw Vegan Lasagna Recipe

Today went much more smoothly then yesterday. It’s been so hot here in Santa Cruz, CA, that I’ve craved liquid in the morning.  So I...
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Guest Post: “Raw Foods Helped Me Heal Quickly & Easily From Surgery”

In 2005 I started having serious stomach issues that included bloody diarrhea, pain, constantly running to the bathroom, weakness, etc. After being hospitalized and being...
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Testimonial: From Depressed and Sick to Glowing with Health

When I first contacted Christine, I was desperate and sick.  I was suffering from chronic fatigue, candida, hypothyroidism, and painful digestive issues.  I had spent...
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Green Power Flu Fighting Juice

The flu season is here, and at my clinic where I work almost everyone is running to get their flu shots.  They are provided for...
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Raw Vegan Day 22 + Heirloom Tomato Soup Recipe

Day 22 - Raw Vegan and Red Skin Syndrome Awareness Week 4 begins today on a beautiful sunny day after several days of rain. I’m...
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Raw Vegan Day 15 + Effects of Red Skin Syndrome

Day 15 - Raw Vegan and Red Skin Syndrome Testimonials Red Skin Syndrome Fireside Chat: So fantastic took a nose dive and in 24 hours...
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Raw Vegan Challenge Day 9 + Green Juice Recipe

Day 9 - Raw Vegan and RSS Fireside Chat Much better day today, took a bath with an ounce of bleach and took some anti-viral...
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Hi, I’m Christine, thanks for stopping by! As a fibromyalgia thriver (symptom-free for over 10 years now thanks to diet and lifestyle changes), it is my passion to share the healing power of food.

As an RN and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, it is my desire to empower you to take charge of your life.

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