Guest Post: Day 4 Raw Food Challenge + Sweet Kale Green Smoothie

I’ve had a great day today. The first session with my “Post Rehabilitation” Personal Trainer went well. We adjusted my routine and I feel really good about it. Just as a side point, is anyone else blown away that it’s the middle of May already?

Day 4 of 30 Day Raw Food Challenge

Again, SOOOO HOT today! 77 degrees in my house this morning at 7AM, can you blame me for just wanting water? I probably got dehydrated just lying in my bed sleeping last night. So this morning I grazed,  Breakfast consisted of:

Banana (1 whole, peeled)
DoughNot Hole (1)
Lime Cashew Cream Cookie Sandwich (2)

I felt a little guilty while I was eating like I was being naughty. Raw Vegan is the best guilt free food that cures what ails yah.

Not only did I work out today, but I had to take a quick trip to Quest Diagnostics for quarterly blood work. This crazy awesome Green Smoothie hit the spot. It seems like it would be a blood builder and cleanser. It made almost 8 cups and I drank it all!


Christine what’s your comments on these ingredients?

Well, you definitely have some nutritionally powerful ingredients in this smoothie Heather.  For one, kale is an excellent source of iron and is rich in chlorophyll making it a great blood builder.  Apricot is also a rich source of iron which is essential in the transport of oxygen to the cells. Celery alkalizes the body balancing the pH , so is very cleansing and detoxifying.  Coconut water is rich in electrolytes, and is very hydrating.  It is very similar to blood plasma.  It acts as a carrier delivering nutrients directly to the cells. In fact, it has been used as blood transfusion in different countries. So yes this smoothie is blood building, cleansing and very hydrating!

Baby Kale (2 cups)
Hadley Dates (7)
Apricots (3)
Navel Orange (1 whole peeled and chopped)
Navel Orange (2 oranges juiced)
Ginger (2 inch hunk, peeled)
Celery (2 stalks chopped)
Coconut Water (3-4 cups ish)

green smoothie

CHRISTINE: “ ….    “

Yesterday I forgot to give you the fresh Salsa Recipe that I made to go with my salad. (I also forgot to mention that I had 1/3 cup pecans and ¼ cup of the left over Basil Pesto Cheese from the Rawsagna that I also threw in the salad.)


Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes (1 Pint)
Red Onion (1/2 peeled and chopped)
Jalapeno Pepper (1, stem removed)
Lime (juice of 1)
Cilantro (1/2 a head)
Garlic (1 clove)

Pulsed in the Food Processor. Poured in a dished. Topped it on my salad yesterday.

Dinner tonight is going to be left over Rawsagna (see recipe in previous post). I had enough for 2 meals.

Raw Vegan Lasagna

And I am totally sure I will be having another could Lime Cashew Cream Sandwiches as well at some point today. Don’t forget to check in tomorrow because I will be posting the Banana Strawberry Basil “ice cream” recipe everyone has been asking about. I love frozen treats all the time. This really hits the spot too!















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  1. Heather Patterson on May 16, 2014 at 8:48 am

    This all looks great.. Thanks for the great posts! Also I noticed Christine that you salad apricots are high in iron.. Can you suggest more iron boosting foods.. Kale spinach and mulberries I eat.. Anything else?.. My iron is pretty low..

    • Christine on May 16, 2014 at 8:53 am

      I am so glad you’re enjoying them Heather! We are so glad to have you joining us on this challenge. Other great blood builders for anemia are beets, spinach, red grapes, pumpkin seeds, and broccoli.

      • Heather Patterson on May 16, 2014 at 10:23 am

        Thanks for that info.. I feel like I have been adding all those things into my diet for the last couple months.. Maybe it takes a bit for anemia to go away.. I don’t really want to take a supplement .. I would rather increase the iron levels by food..

    • Heather on May 22, 2014 at 9:44 pm

      Glad you like our posts Heather!

  2. Stephanie Rios on May 16, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    I’m having anemia issues as well, post-treatment with interferon, along with two other very aggressive medicines. my doctor said it should be 2-4 weeks to build up my red and white blood cells. It’s now been 12 days, and I still feel like a limp rag, thanks to catching the flu with my immune system still down. I’m craving watermelon, pineapple, pesto and salsa so there must be something in them I need … maybe vitamin C ?

    • Christine on May 16, 2014 at 7:49 pm

      I’m sorry to hear that Stephanie. Hopefully with this raw food challenge you’re doing that will help build your levels. My mom has Thelassemia anemia and could never increase her blood levels in fact they were decreasing steadily. After three months of including green smoothies daily and lots of raw fruits and vegetables here levels have climbed tremendously. Raw foods will definitely help build your strength and immune system but be patient it will come. If you are combatting strong drugs it can be a little harder, but still a great way to help lessen the side effects! Hang in there my dear! Lots of love and GLOW!

    • Heather on May 22, 2014 at 9:41 pm

      We are so happy that you have found us and we are able to offer you some support. Keep it up Stephanie!

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