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Ginger Apple Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Autumn is such a delightful time of year.  I love the changing of the weather, the changing of the colors of the leaves and I...
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Guest Post: Day 29 + Rhubarb Berry Smoothie

If I can go Raw Vegan for 29 days straight, ANYONE can do it for 1 Day. Who’s with us? One thing I wanted to...
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Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is full of anti-inflammatory nutritional benefits and it is one I drink often. It is  banana-free, and not super sweet, but perfectly refreshing...
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Raspberry Mint Grape Smoothie

This is the perfect refreshing smoothie on these hot summer days.  It is sweet, tangy and icy so it really hits the spot.  During the...
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Tropical Pineapple Blackberry Smoothie + How to Core a Pineapple

Summer is officially here and we have been having a heat wave this week of up to 109 degrees! I hope you all are keeping...
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Creamy Mango Apricot Smoothie

This mango apricot smoothie is like dessert in a glass.  What is so amazing is that with  just a three different fruit whipped up in...
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Heart Healthy Pomegranate Smoothie

Every winter I look forward to all the wonderful winter fruit to eat.  One of my current favorites is the pomegranate. Not only do I...
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