Raw Vegan Day 2 + RSS Fun Facts

First things first…

Red Skin Syndrome Fun Facts:

  1. In 1991 Drs. Mitsukuni Enomoto, Seiji Arase, Fumuo Shigemi and Katsuyuki Takeda published an article in the Journal of Japanese Cosmetic Science Societies outlining the characteristic symptoms of the Red Skin Syndrome  or RSS  that occur upon cessation of Corticosteroids as the body goes into withdrawals.

This report explained that in all cases patients began to experience the following within 5 days of stopping Corticosteroids:



Low Grade Fever



Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

Emotional Dysfunction

Adreno-Cortical Insufficiency

Diffuse Edematous Erythema on the skin, beyond where the primary areas of original Atopic Dermatitis

For more information and fun facts, check out www.itsan.org, the International Topical Steroid Addiction Network.

Day 2 of 30 Day Raw Vegan Challenge

Yesterday I made entirely way too much food, so today was almost as delightful as yesterday. So I wasn’t very hungry today. I ran a lot of errands, including looking at a bunch of juicers so I can get back to my fresh daily juice. I will probably buy one tomorrow.

Breakfast – Left over Blueberry Ohs in Banana Milk with Granola. (All recipes I used yesterday.)

Lunch – An entire head of Celery washed and trimmed with my “Guacabouleh” dip. I just couldn’t get enough of it yesterday.














Snack – Beautiful Berry Smoothie.

Berry Smoothie Recipe: About a cup of organic Frozen mix of berries (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry) 1 cup water and 1 Cup Organic Tart Cherry Juice. Blend on high to preferred consistency. Drink up!

Dinner – I wasn’t really hungry by the end of the afternoon. So I made a small mixed green salad with the same dressing from yesterday and Cucumber.

Snack – Organic hearts of Romaine and dipped them into guess what??? YES! “Guacabouleh”

Until tomorrow, Mangia!













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