Interview with Allen Stern: “I’ve Lost 14 Jean Sizes!”

Recently I have had the pleasure of talking with Allen Stern from Let’s Talk Fitness.  As I have gotten to know his story and his inspiring and motivating journey to health and losing weight, I had to share it with you all!  There are so many that can benefit from hearing his experience, so I conducted an interview with him so you can get to know him too. Be sure to check out his website for fitness, motivation and awesome recipes too!


Allen please give us a little introduction to yourself.

My name is Allen – born and raised in NYC, now living in Austin. Up until 18 months ago, never ate a fruit or vegetable. Now 90% fruits and veggies. Loving life now.

1)   Allen please tell us what your diet was  before you began your health transformation?

My lifestyle was 2x a day fast food, lots of junk food, nothing healthy. I would eat tomato as a pizza sauce and an occasional banana but otherwise zero healthy food.

2)   What was the turning point that led you to your transformation?

In April 2011, I started to get sick. I thought I had a cold or the flu but it turned out that I was retaining fluid inside my body. During a trip to San Francisco, I had to literally hold on to every parking meter on the street just to catch my breath. When I got back to Austin, I went to the doctor and she told me I could either change my life or die. I knew that there were so many things I wanted to do in my life that I figured I would give it a go.

3)   How did you start making the transformation?

I decided to start working with a nutritionist. I sat outside her office the first day and thought that there was no way this could ever work. How could someone who never ate a fruit or vegetable really get away from fast food? I figured I would scare her but luckily I didn’t and over the year we worked together, I learned how to enjoy fruits and veggies and get away from the garbage I put in my body for my first 30 years.

4)   What were your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

I think it was learning how to not be afraid to try something new. I mean just putting a kale leaf in my mouth was a huge challenge. But it’s gotten easier – now I have no fear of trying new fruits and/or vegetables.

5)   What are the biggest changes you have noticed?

I feel better, I look better, I am happier.

6)   How has your life changed?

I ran a 5k in November, the year before I could barely walk. I have lost 14 jeans sizes and can now buy clothing in a regular store. I love clothes and can’t wait to go on a huge shopping spree this summer. 🙂   Now to work on that six-pack for my GQ cover shoot!

7)   What is your current  diet?

I don’t like to call what I eat a “diet” as to me that word means short term. I am on a healthy lifestyle now and I plan to do this for as long as I will live. I eat about 90% fruits and veggies, with a huge green smoothie in the morning, generally a salad for lunch and then chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner. I finish the day with a big green juice.

8)   How do you feel now about eating fruits and vegetables?

Love them!! They are good friends who support me unlike my old food friends who never did anything but make me feel like crap.

9)   What keeps you motivated?

Honestly? It’s the community that is coming together, I think we are all motivating each other. I know if I was to stop today, someone else might stop and we can’t have that! We are all so going to be awesome together.

10)  How do  you deal with times when you may have slipped back into old habits? And any advice on how to get past that?

I think the biggest key is that I keep thinking about all the things I want. My fitness trainer asks me “what’s at the top of your mountain” as we bike uphill and I have so many things I want that I never was able to have because of my weight. I want those things more than I want the garbage food.

11) Anything else you would like to share or would like for us to know about you or your journey?

You can do this! If I can do it, anyone can do it !













You can find Allen on:

Facebook: LetsTalkFitness

Twitter: @AllenStern

Pinterest: Allen074

Instagram: AllenCStern

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