Tips On How To Detox Your Home

GLOWING health encompasses many factors not just diet, one of them being pure air.  The toxins in your home can adversely be effecting your health.  Last week I talked about the danger of toxic cleaning chemicals in your home, and the importance of keeping your home chemical-free.  So, today I am sharing with you tips on how to detox your home from these hazardous chemicals.  As I mentioned in that article, products labelled as “Green” can be very deceptive, because they are not required by law to disclose all the ingredients on the label.  So, how can you keep your home clean and sanitized without these harmful chemicals? Here are my top five tips:

Replace your chemical cleaning supplies with common household items.  These are items that can be found in almost any kitchen, pantry or fridge.  Some of my favorite ones are fresh lemon, white vinegar, baking soda, peroxide and Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap.  All of these are 100% pure, natural, safe, eco-friendly items and are very efficient.  Dr. Bronners Castile soap is actually one of the only truly “green” products I know of, and you can use it for literally everything from laundry, washing dishes to mopping! I used peroxide to clean the moldy grout of a shower once when I  had first moved into my apartment, and it worked amazing! Right before my eyes the black grime was just eaten away by it, and the best part was there was no hazardous odor to breathe in while cleaning it.

Avoid products with synthetic fragrances.  There area as many as 300 chemical ingredients in a single manufactured fragrance! The FDA reports that these fragrances are responsible for up to 30% of allergic reactions. If you wish to have that clean fresh fragrance when you clean you can simply add essential oils, they work wonderfully and are totally safe and chemical-free.

Keep your home well ventilated by opening up the windows and allowing fresh air to come in.  Even while they are sitting in your pantry or under your sink these chemicals are giving off their toxins in the air to be breathed in and do serious damage.

Install a shower head filter.  Our scalps are very porous thus absorbing whatever we put on our scalp or hair.  During a twenty-minute shower you can absorb more chlorine and fluoride than if you were to drink 5 gallons of tap water! (To check out the shower head filter I use click here.)

Detox your home quarterly giving it a thorough cleaning.  Last week I wrote about my experience with Zerorez SoCal when they came to clean my house (click here to read my experience).  They are a safe, green, eco-friendly cleaning service that will detox your home using only alkaline water NOTHING else! They do everything from “floor to furniture”. And nothing feels better than have your home deep cleaned!

These are my top five tips on how to detox your home, they have really helped me and I hope they will be of help to you and your family.  If you have any tips that you have found helpful in making your home chemical-free please share them with me in the comments below!

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  1. Anastacia Parenti says

    Hey Christine! Check out Ava Anderson Non Toxic, an incredible one of personal and home care products without harmful ingredients that I love! Ava does a ton of work on consumer education about avoiding and eliminating toxins from our lives! Thanks for the info!

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