Raw Food Replacements For Cooked Food

Fruit Salad
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One of the first questions I get from those who are just transitioning onto the raw food diet is; What can I eat instead of ...(whatever their favorite foods or snacks are)?  So, I wanted to create a list of some of the most common cravings from the SAD (Standard American Diet) and then share with you what I use as a replacement.  This is especially important in the transition phase. If any are missing that you would like to know about please leave me a comment below.  For some of the replacements I have linked them directly to recipes I have made  so you have an actual recipe to go with it.


Applesauce- Cranberry orange apple sauce

Candy - Dates (biting into a fresh, organic date can be heavenly), or just sweet ripe fruit.

Candy bars- Date candy bars

Chocolate - Raw carob

Ice cream - Frozen fruit ice cream/sorbet (ie banana ice cream or berry sorbet)

Pie-  Raw dessert (ie. raw peach cobbler or raw apple pie)

Tarts- Mango tart

Shakes-  Fruit smoothies

Sweets -  Truffles, fruit/nut balls, unsulphured sun-dried fruit

Carrot Cake- No bake carrot cake

Chips - Kale chips, Zucchini chips

Chili Cheese Fries- Jicama chili cheeze fries

Chocolate mousse- "Chocolate" peppermint mousse

Chocolate pudding- Coconut carob chia pudding

Latte- Raw vegan pumpkin latte

Nutella/ Chocolate spread- Carob ganache



Milk- Nut milksbanana milk, or coconut milk

Salt- Dulse flakes, dried celery flakes, or very sparingly pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt

Meat - Portobello mushroom, or avocado

Vinegar - Lemon

Chip or veggie dips - Raw hummus, zucchini dips, nut pate'

Cereal - Cut up fruit, berries and/or raw oat groats in banana or nut milk

Macaroni & Cheese- Raw vegan Mac & Cheese

Porridge- Chia seed porridge

Salad dressing - Veggie/fruit/nut/seed mix dressing

Oatmeal- Apple cinnamon "oatmeal"

Pate' - Nut/seed pate'

Coffee- Green smoothie/juice

Sandwich wraps - Cabbage/greens or lettuce wraps

Sports drinks - Blended watermelon, coconut water, celery blended with water, banana blended with water, or mixed celery and banana blended with water.

Pasta - Zucchini/squash noodles spiralized or kelp noodles

Pesto- Arugula walnut pesto

Sushi - Nori rolls, or veggie sushi rolls

Cheese - Nut or seed cheese

Taco meat- Spicy meatless taco meat

Tuna salad- Raw vegan "tuna" salad

Hope this is helpful.  Wishing you the best on your raw food journey!



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