Lifestyle Bloggers Conference 2014 Highlights

This past week I attended my first Lifestyle Bloggers Conference.  I was so excited but had no idea what to expect.  I was so ready to be inspired, meet fellow bloggers, hear their stories, connect with them, learn from them, etc..

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For those of you who are bloggers, I highly recommend that you attend a conference such as this Lifestyle Bloggers Conference at least once a year.  For me it was the first time I was around people who understood the life as a blogger.  Most people don’t get what that entails or the challenges you face, so to be able to talk “blogger talk” with like-minded folks was in itself worth the conference! You can make collaborations outside of your niche that you normally wouldn’t meet and thus build your readership.  The information that is provided by the speakers is priceless.  I learned a lot from them and was able to ask them questions I have had but never had anyone to consult with. I will definitely be attending the 2015  Conference. 

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend one of three days, but nonetheless I had such a great time and learned so much I couldn’t wait to share! Ana Lydia founder of the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers  and conference organizer.  With the amazing line-up of speakers and phenomenal sponsors, she really out did herself. She even hooked it up with providing vegan and gluten-free food options which you know is a way to win my heart! :)

Many of you reading this are not be bloggers, however the information that I am sharing came from amazing women who shared their wisdom and stories of success even in the most challenging of journeys.  And what they taught me is that it is important to fight for your dream.  In most cases, your dreams will not come easy but you must be ready to fight for them.  So there are many quotes that will be inspirational to you nonetheless.

The day started out with Patricia Velasquez, Latina actress and model, who spoke about her life’s journey.  At one point she lost everything she had before becoming successful.  She encouraged us to be patient and not to give up.  She had so many quotable quotes that I will just list my favorite ones to inspire you with:

– “You must take the small steps to get to the bigger steps that lead to your dreams.”

– “Never look at failures they are just stepping stones.”

– “Do not be focused on what others are doing, focus on what you are doing.”

– “Changing one person is changing the world.”

– “When you feel down get up and go do smoothing for somebody else.”

– “All it takes for someone to have success is to have one person believe in you.”

– “My biggest failures shaped my life more than my successes.”

Listening to her you can tell she has been through so much but the person she became as a result shines so bright as a result of those challenges and “failures”.  The key is she let them teach her to grow.

Mid afternoon we listened to Paul from who talked about the ‘Tax Do’s and Don’t for Bloggers’. Also, ‘Maximizing SEO for you Blog/Online Business’ (Workshop) and ‘Not Just a Blogger’ which showcased bloggers that have used their blog as a spring board to further grow their careers.

Another highlight of the day was the panel of bloggers that spoke about the ‘Ethics of Blogging’. Some of the key concepts were these:

– Be true to yourself and be consistent.

– We as bloggers, are pioneers in the field.

– Transparency is one of the most important things as an ethical blogger.

– New bloggers GO LOCAL.

– Engagement counts more than your numbers.

– Keep integrity.  Are you serving your ego or greater community?

– Good quality content is important.

– Behave in a way that you are integrity all the time.

– Know your audience.

I have to mention the food.  We were provided with gluten-free, vegan pizza by Fresh Brothers and fabulously creamy rich non-dairy organic ice cream by Peddler’s Creamery! The fact that the “alternative” group was considered is always so special to me.  Even though we may have been few in comparison to the rest of the group it is so touching to me when we are thought of and provided for, so for that I give a heartfelt THANK YOU!

As if the day wasn’t already top notch we were provided with fabulous swag bags! Not only were there a variety of these beautiful bags by Just Fab, but they included energy supplements, gift cards, organic chocolate, books, cosmetics and snack items just to name a few.


This conference is really great for bloggers, but especially if you are a female lifestyle blogger. Don’t miss out.  Hope to see you at the 2015 Lifestyle Bloggers Conference!

To keep updated with information regarding tickets for 2015 be sure to follow:

Facebook: Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference

Twitter: @latinalifestyle




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  1. says

    Way cool! I take it this was in L.A.? Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the quotes and the stories of the people that go with them. I find them inspiring. I am a blogger wanna be. :-) Maybe someday…..

    • says

      I am so glad you enjoyed the highlights, I loved the quotes too blogger or not they are inspiring! You are a novelist and you have an amazing journey to capture on paper my dear, you’re putting all your new found energy to good work! Big hug!

  2. says

    It sounds like there is so much to learn, and you are correct when you said that you get to talk with people who understand the challenges of a blogger. I rarely, if ever, get to talk with anyone about the experience. I’ve learned tons from the Internet, but meeting people in person to bounce ideas off of and ask questions must be tons more helpful.

    As a new blogger will you clarify ‘Go Local’?

    • says

      By going local in a brief summation it means going into your community, get to know the resources there, make use of them connect with individuals in your community and get your services out their with them and make use of theirs, blog about it and share with your following what you are doing. This will help you become established as an expert in your field in your community. I love the concept of it!

      • says

        Ah, perfect! I’m already doing this with getting my t-shirt started with a local screener and a my pint glass etching done in town too. Once they are up on the LivGeek store I’ll give them credit for providing the service. It benefits both parties. Thanks!

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